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Welcome to the Economic Region Celle

Now that you have seen the area in which the Economic Region Celle is located under Location we would like to describe it more closely. The individual Municipalities,which belong to the ER Celle, introduce themselves under this point with their most important characteristics regarding trade and industry, leisure time and living.

The Economic Region Celle is an efficient joint community of interests between companies and municipalities. This collaboration in partnership makes it possible for you to make a decision towards a home with a high standard of living and excellent job opportunities.

The concept and the idea behind it all developed in collaboration with the Administrative District Celle and the Fröhlich Advertising Agency, to be able to present the region, with its substantial offers and variety, on a all-embracing platform. The combination of information from the sectors of trade and industry, living and family provides a compact overview and insight into this region regarding all relevant questions, such as, for instance, setting up a business, re-settlement of companies and families. Links to almost all important sites and topics regarding the administrative district and the Ducal Residence Town of Celle have been provided.

Life includes many a surging flight in various sectors and in different phases of life, you can experience some of these in the ER Celle as this is where you find the prerequisites to be content, successful and happy.

Take some time for your future and do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to be at your disposal to assist you in selecting a location to live in, work or build up a business.

Economic Region Celle – A good start for surging flights!